Etude House Drops Their Sweetest Collection in Collaboration With Hershey’s

The world of makeup collaborations is full of pleasant surprises, and the latest comes from Etude House. South Korean cosmetics brand joined forces with Hershey’s chocolate and this team-up led to their sweetest makeup drop to date.

This collaboration is one of those we didn’t see coming but still welcomed with open arms because it mixes up our two favorite things—makeup and chocolate. All of the items feature chocolate-inspired formulas and colors, and we’re in love with their neutral tones.

Etude x Hershey’s line features a total of six products, including two mini chocolate bar-themed eye shadow palettes, a blush duo, and two lip tints. Each of the items comes in two shades—rich chocolate browns and softer cookie and cream color.

The palettes come with a total of six different colors, ranging from dark browns to lighter beige hues. If you’re in the mood to sweeten up your makeup routine, you can already find them on Etude’s official website.