3 Fashion Lessons From Netflix’s Latest Teen Drama

Lana Condor in "To All the Boys I've Loved Before"

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is Netflix’s latest teen drama that the internet can’t stop obsessing about. It tells the story of a charming and imaginative high school girl, whose life gets turned upside down when her secret love letters end up being mysteriously mailed to five boys she had a crush on.

In addition to being extremely relatable, Lara Jean Covey is also one of the most fashionable TV characters in recent memory.

Here are three secrets behind her amazing style.

Dare to be different

Lara Jean is an internal person, and fashion is her way to show the world who she really is. Despite being shy, the way she dresses is pretty bold and unique. It stands as a reminder you’re sending a message with the pieces of clothing you choose, so make sure you’re picking the ones that reflect your awesome personality.

Vintage = So adorable

Jenny Han, who wrote the novel this teen rom-com is based on, described Lara Jean as a “throwback kind of a character”. Her nostalgic spirit defines everything in her life – from her idea of a perfect relationship to her personal style. It’s mostly inspired by the ’90s and the ’80s, and you don’t even have to go shopping for new clothes in order to recreate it.

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Haters gonna hate

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before fans are already thinking about showing up dressed as Lara Jean this Halloween. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean everyone is in love with her style. She was often a target of mean and hurtful comments, but that never stopped her from doing her thing. As long as you love the way you look, it’s not important what others think… Especially if it’s the people who are only trying to bring you down.