Fashion Tips for Life

While trends might come and go, we can look to some of our favorite style stars for timeless advice on how to look your chic best. Here are 6 tips from celebrity stylists and fashion icons alike:

Be strategic about how much skin you show

To look sexy yet chic, keep it mysterious. Show off one small part of your body at a time. So, if you show off your legs, keep yourself covered on top.

Nothing beats a button-down jeans

Make like Marilyn, and wear a classic button-down with jeans or even a ball gown.


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Choose bright accessories

If you tend to wear neutrals like black and navy, up your game with bright accessories. A cherry red bag will liven up any neutral outfit.

Wear the right length pants hem

Wearing pants that are the wrong length for your shoes is a big fashion no-no. Get your pants hemmed in either flat or heel height.

Wear a scarf

The scarf is the ultimate accessory. Keep one in your purse to throw on for a complete transformation of your look.

Dress for your shape

Ignore trends that don’t suit your shape. If you’re petite and curvaceous, for example, avoid columnar shapes. Instead, choose a defined waist and hem just above the knee.