Five Types of Skirts You Need in Your Closet

It’s easy to find a skirt style you like and call it quits on every other style. But every woman needs to have a variety of skirt styles and lengths. Here are five skirts you need in your closet to be prepared for every occasion.

Maxi Skirt

You need a maxi skirt for any upscale occasion: a wedding, bridal shower, bar/bat mitzvah, you name it. This pink paneled skirt below is perfect for a summer event.

Knee Length Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are a go-to for job interviews and networking events. They are flattering and professional. You can’t go wrong with a basic color too — black, gray, and brown are the best for matching office blouses.

Leather Mini Skirt

These skirts are perfect for any night on the town. Going out with the girls? Hot date? Leather skirt, hands down.

Denim Skirt

Denim skirts are easy to dress up or down, and can be worn day or night. They’re the most versatile skirt you can own.

Embroidered Skirt

You need a skirt with some personality. An embroidered skirt can make an entire outfit complete. Try this one from LOFT.