Flipflops Are the Latest Summer Fashion Trend

2019 is definitely the year of weird fashion trends. Designers are trying hard to make the ‘90s happen again with square-toe shoes and tie-dye shirts, but some trends go beyond fashion design. The biggest hit right now, at least when it comes to shoes, are good old flipflops.

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In 2019, flipflops are a bit more modern than the ones we wear on the beach. And as it often is, it all started with Kim Kardashian. She published a photo wearing platformed flipflops around a month ago and it was enough for girls around the world to try and replicate her look.

The photo shows Kardashian wearing the said pair of shoes with a plain white tee and Dior newspaper-print skirt and it reminded us of Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, another fashion icon from two decades ago. This is just more proof that all fashion trends repeat after some time.

Would you dare to wear flipflops with your summer outfits outside of the beach or do you believe that some fashion rules are here for a reason?