Are These New Trendy Shoes Just Too Ugly?

Bottega Veneta is, undoubtedly, one of the hottest fashion brands of this year. The Italian luxury fashion house is also behind one of the ugliest shoe trends we’ve recently seen and it makes us think if there’s something wrong with our taste.

The new Bottega Veneta mesh heels belong to the “ugly shoe” trend that we’ve been seeing the past few years. Another example of this trend are the popular Balenciaga oversized sneakers that fashionistas wear with all kinds of outfits. The point of items like this is to set apart the person wearing them from the others. They are somewhat controversial which is exactly why Instagram fashionistas love them. They provoke comments and reactions and attract attention to the person wearing them, and from that point of view, we’re not surprised they are such a big hit.

The Bottega Veneta shoes come in black and nude, which should cover pretty much every outfit you want to wear with them.‌ Still, with a price tag of $890, they are not for everyone. Would you wear them or would you rather skip this trend?