Follow 3 Easy Steps to Become a Necklace Layering Pro

Necklace-layering is one of those trends that is never going out of style – and we don’t mind it one bit. If you’re looking for a way to add a retro vibe to your outfit, try wearing a bunch of necklaces.

Minimalist Approach

In the very beginning, it’s always best to start small and stick to the same style. If you don’t want your neck to look overstuffed, go with jewelry in the same color that has a similar vibe.

Simple Top

Your layered necklaces will never get their chance to shine if you’re wearing something that’s too distracting. It’s always best to pair them off with one-colored shirt or a top with a low-cut.

Mixing it Up

If you’re bored of sticking to the formula, you can simply combine necklaces that have nothing in common and see if they’re secretly a match made in heaven. Adding a choker to the mix is always a good idea.