Food-Inspired Collections are Taking the Beauty World By Storm

Beauty brands have a habit of surprising us when choosing themes for their next line of products and many of them are currently putting a culinary twist on makeup. Food-inspired collections are showing up everywhere and here are five you should keep an eye on.

Hip Dot – Girl Scout Cookies

If you love makeup and Girl Scout cookies equally, you have to try this Hip Dot collection that mixes two of your biggest passions into one.

Hip Dot – Cup Noodles

Girl Scout collection isn’t the only food-inspired line of products that Hip Dot recently dropped. Their Cup Noodles collection is just as impressive and it will win you over with its perfect color combos.

Glamlite – Frosted Flakes

Glamlite singlehandedly put food-inspired makeup on the map with their palettes shaped like pizzas, tacos, and donuts. Their latest collection saw them join forces with Kellogg’s and it pays homage to their iconic Frosted Flakes.

Revolution – Coca Cola

Coca Cola is one of the most beloved beverages in the world, and this makeup collection by Revolution does a great job capturing its spirit.

Nails Inc – Magnum

Nail brands also couldn’t resist this rising trend, and Nails Inc joined forces with Magnum to give us an amazing line of ice cream-inspired nail polishes.