Fresh Ways to Style Red Boots This Spring

Image by @mundodasil / Instagram

Red boots are a special piece of clothing. Both comfortable and cool, both stylish and provocative, red boots can round up a good combination and make a bad outfit acceptable. There are always new ways to wear them, so we decided to cover this spring’s best ways. Enjoy!

Mix ‘em up with other red garments

You can go with the same shade or you can use different hues to make the boots more visible. It’s up to you, but a monochromatic look is more for the day, just so you know.

Sweatpants are a great combo

There is a common misconception that all sweatpants look cheap. They make you look comfy, relaxed and laid back. With a killer pair of boots on top – there is nothing that can stop you.


Mixing red boots with lots of jeans is an ambitious move that can really pay off if you invest the right amount of effort. It’s daring, so leave it for occasions during the day.

With a black skirt

Red and black go well together, so why not use the springtime to make yourself more relaxed and mix two awesome colors. The top part should also be simple.

Pajama-like pants

These pants are the new hit this spring and it would be a shame to not use them for your fashion goals. They are comfy and make the red stand out.