How to Rock Leather Pants

Image by leather_pants_models/Instagram

Finding a pair of leather pants that flatter and fit in the best finish is no easy feat. This season, there are so many different cuts to choose from that deciding what to wear with them can be a bit daunting.

Never fear, whether your leathers are baggy, glossy, patent, or colored, we’re here to help you dream up some great looks that are bang on trend. When you’ve decided what kind of leather pants to choose, you can shop some of these great new pieces to get you the look you want.

These ultra-long palazzo leathers look super-cool with another of this season’s hottest favorites, the corset.

Figure-fitting leathers paired with a matching turtleneck form the perfect foundation layer. Top with a colorful sweater.

This funky look includes straight-legged leathers paired with a statement t-shirt, bomber jacket, and platform sneakers.

This combination of leather pants, luxurious shawl, and white heels is a softly elegant combination.

What a contrast! Patent leathers paired with a high-necked Victorian-style blouse, and dainty heels and accessories.

If you like the skinny leathers cut, add booties and a textured knit for an easy look.