Anklets are on Trend Again in 2018

Image by @jewelryjudy / Instagram

Along with other 90s trends that are back in style, anklets are being seen again as one of the hottest and latest trends. A number of designers, including Anna Sui and Victoria Beckham,  brought them back in for their Spring/Summer 2018 collections.

These 2018 anklets are subtle and sophisticated, unlike the braided versions popular in the 90s. In 2018 anklets are being worn in a classy, modern way. They look good with cropped pants and neutral shoes. Wear them with loafers, flats, and casual sneakers.

Many street style stars have been wearing subtle gold bands. If you’re not convinced yet, Ashley Olsen is a fan. The idea is not to overdo it. Choose delicate, dainty, thin ones rather than those with woven fabrics or thick chains.

The metal you choose should compliment your skin tone – white gold or silver for cool skin tones and yellow gold or copper for a warm skin tone.

If you loved wearing anklets, you can now wear them with modern flair.  Experiment a little if you’re trying one out for the first time. Just remember that classy and delicate is best for this modern take. You can wear them with virtually anything – just don’t wear them with leggings or tights!