The three-item style hack

Photo by Zeny Rosalina on Unsplash

Do you ever see those women who are permanently stylish? And with an effortless elegance in outfits that you would never think of putting together?

Some people just look as if they were born stylish. But what’s their secret? Of course, a natural sense of style helps, but we’ve got a nifty little trick for you to try for a simple style upgrade.

The trick is what we’re calling the ‘third item rule’. The principle is that it takes 3 main elements to create a great ensemble. The first and second elements could be your top and pants. The third item is the piece that gives the look its special something.

So, if you’re wearing a pair of jeans and white T, add a blazer to top it off. Other third items could be a red-hot pair of earrings, a zooty belt, or a statement bag. Whatever the case, the third item has got to shout style and uniqueness.

So, while we might not quite end up looking like those rare style goddesses out there, adding that crucial third item to the mix is going to take you from ordinary to fab in seconds. Style made simple.