Gabriela Hearst Strives For an Eco-Friendly Runway Show

Once again the fashion industry is making waves in the realm of sustainability. The latest eco-friendly venture from Gabriela Hearst is all about reducing the carbon footprint of her runway shows. Despite the fact that “‘nobody really knows’ the total carbon emissions a typical runway show produces” (according to Vogue Runway sustainability expert Emily Farra), Hearst is making great efforts to ensure that her shows are not contributing to the global warming crisis. 

The Uruguayan designer has been working with Bureau Betak and EcoAct -her production company and an international council of sustainability advisors, respectively- in order to produce a Spring 2020 show that is low emission and locally sourced. They are accomplishing this by hiring models who already live in the area, lowering the use of backstage appliances, and working with caterers who use local and seasonal food products. The show will also donate its energy costs to the Hifadhi-Livelihoods Project which will give modern stovetops and cookware to families in Kenya (in order to reduce woodburning and its production of noxious gasses). Hearst reveals that “the goal is to set an industry standard.” Let’s hope that others soon follow suit!