Get Your First Ever Fendi Fragranced Handbag

You can now wear your favorite perfume on your Fendi handbag. The luxury brand has released the world’s first fragranced handbags. Scented items first gained popularity after the brand Diptyque released fragranced stickers, brooches, and bracelets. And to be honest, we had no idea we needed scented bags until now. W just love the concept.

The bright yellow and white Fendi baguette is currently available in three sizes which include: Fendi’s standard, a men’s size, and a nano bag. The men’s size is slightly larger than the standard and the nano will fit just your cell phone.

If you’re noticing that the color seems to be off on the bags, don’t worry it’s not; it’s the artwork of Swiss photographer Christelle Boulé. Fendi said that the image on the bags “shows the fragrance once it has been dropped on to a colored film paper, visually bringing the scent to life.”

So, what scent should we be expecting from the bag? It’s FendiFrenesia, created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and Fendi describes the smell as “leathery and musky.” The scent will actually last up to four years, but, what else would you expect from Fendi?

The scented Fendi bags are available at Fendi’s Miami Design store or you can purchase the nano baguette on until December 20.