Your Guide to Jewelry Etiquette

Quavo and Lil Yachty rap about their “ice tray,” but there is so much more about jewelry than just flaunting it. Whether you’re a trap star or a regular aficionado, this guide will up your jewelry game. Big time!


An office is a place where you work and invest effort in bettering your career. It’s not the place for showing off, so it would be good if you restrained yourself from “loud pieces.”

Formal Events

A formal event is where people usually choose to be flamboyant, so you should follow suit. It’s the place for all your best jewelry pieces, so don’t hesitate to blow everyone away.

Old vs. New

Have all your jewelry separated into old and new sections. The things that look modern go together with a party attire, but the older ones are far more elegant events.

One Arm Sauce

A good trick to show off all your bracelets is to focus on your off-arm. That way, it will always be beside your body for people to see.