Gwen Stefani is Ready to Conquer the Makeup World with GXVE

Gwen Stefani has been one of our biggest celebrity makeup muses for almost three decades, and it’s been just a matter of time before she launched her own beauty line. That moment is finally here and she’s ready to take the cosmetics world by storm with GXVE.

After three years in the making, Stefani’s makeup line finally launched on March 3rd, and it’s coming to selected Sephora stores on March 10th. All the products are available on GXVE’s official website, and you can use them to copy Stefani’s signature look.

The first drop includes makeup and skincare, ranging from lipsticks in three different formulas to a wide range of eye products, including eye shadow quads, eyeliner pencils, and brow pencils.

This makeup-line is a realization of a life-long dream for Stefani, who worked as a makeup artist at department stores in California before finding success with No Doubt. She created it because she wanted to share her love for makeup with a community of people who feel the same way.

“For me, makeup has always been about unleashing creativity and sharing inspiration with a dialed-in community. Since my days as a makeup artist in Anaheim back in the day, I know how transformative makeup can be, and what it makes you feel like,” said Stefani in a press release.