Hailey Bieber and Jaden Smith Star in Levi’s New Campaign

Festival season is being put on pause this year, but Levi’s is still celebrating what could’ve been with their new camping rooted in this carefree time of the year, starring Hailey Bieber and Jaden Smith.

Bieber took part in Levi’s festival campaign last year, and she decided to return, even now that dancing to great music all night long is off the table.

All our favorite festivals are being postponed or canceled in the face of the global health crises, but Levi’s still wanted to share this collection with the world, as a reminder that music and youth provide hope in uncertain times.

Levi’s CMO Jen Sey described Bieber and Smith as the best possible partners for this campaign because they remind us what it’s like to be filled with hope in difficult times.

“As I look at Jaden and Hailey – our friends and partners – I’m so encouraged. Hailey’s optimism and authenticity are inspiring. Jaden’s commitment to the environment, his passion to educate us on how we can all choose more wisely, more responsibly,” said Sey in a press release.