Hailey Bieber Gearing Up To Launch Her Own Beauty Line

The list of celebrities with their own beauty lines is pretty much endless, and it’s constantly getting longer. Hailey Bieber is the latest star to get into the cosmetics game, after registering the trademark under her name.

The young model recently filed trademark paperwork for Bieber Beauty, with the intention to sell a wide array of beauty and cosmetics product. It’s unclear what exactly is she working on, but rumor has it she’s thinking about dropping a whole line of lip kits, eye shadow palettes, blushes, and bronzers.

Hailey Bieber is no stranger to personal branding and this isn’t even the first name-related trademark she filed in the last few months. She also registered the trademark for the name Hailey Bieber, hinting at the possible clothing line.

Bieber discussed this project in an interview with Elle and made it clear it is still in its early stages. She enjoys fashion and believes she’s in tune with what people her age like to wear, but that doesn’t mean she’ll immediately start working on her own designs.

“Right now I’m having a great time wearing other peoples’ designs. There are so many young talented designers out there, but who knows? Maybe one day in the future,” said Bieber.