Hair Trends to Keep You Cool All Summer Long

Summer hair
Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

During the summer we’re always looking for cute, stylish ways to get our hair out of our face. Who has time to spend hours in front of a mirror when you can be outside getting sun? These summer trends which are being seen all over Instagram and celebrities have already started rocking, will help you look fashionable and they’ll keep you cool all season long.

Baby Braids

These micro braids work great on all hair types and they’re great for embracing natural texture. All you have to do is braid in several strands with two strands framing the face or several strands throughout the hair.

Soft, Subtle Waves

These beachy waves are subtle and they’re ready in just a few minutes. They work well in any season, so it’s one you’ll want in your toolkit.


The 1980s style is more popular than ever before and we can thank Carrie Bradshaw for making it popular again in the 2000s. Twenty years later and we’re seeing the trend pop up again and it adds a bit of edginess to a basic summer outfit.

Slick and Shiny

Slicked back buns are a summer staple and they require no skills. Just throw in some pomade to keep down those flyaway pieces and you’ll look sophisticated in minutes.


Do you remember hair claw clips from the ’90s? Bella Hadid has made them popular again. These hair accessories are great for hiding bad hair days. All you have to do is sweep your hair back into a twist and secure it with the clip.