Here’s Why You Should Be Thrifting

Thrift store
Photo by Prudence Earl on Unsplash

One of our favorite ways to shop is to thrift and it’s also become one of the trendiest ways to shop. We can’t think of a more exciting way to spend our weekends than thrifting and here’s why you should give it a try.

You Can’t Beat the Prices

It’s always fun to score a good price on items and the deals can’t be beat when you thrift. Sometimes you will get super lucky and find a new item with the original price tags still on it. It’s not uncommon to find Reformation items or Free People.

Don’t forget to go thrifting on holiday weekends because many locations feature 50% off storewide – that’s 50% off already really cheap prices! Also, many stores have a color of the week which is 50% off. The hunt for these items and the thrill when you find them is so exciting.

One of a Kind Finds

We all know that trends always come back in style. That’s why it’s perfect to find trendy items at the thrift store because these items were probably once trendy decades ago. You can find vintage items and it’s not uncommon to see Levi’s- which are selling for almost $100 on Urban Outfitters!

It’s Eco-Friendly!

Purchasing items second-hand helps the environment because you aren’t contributing to fast fashion. Every year the average person is throwing away 70 pounds of textiles to landfills—so why not give old clothes a new life?