H+M’s AW19 Conscious Collection Celebrates 10 Years of Sustainability

“Sustainability” seems to be the fashion word of 2019. While some brands are jumping on the environmental bandwagon to make sales, others are demonstrating true commitment to the cause.

One of the high street brands which have been leading the way when it comes to sustainable fashion is H&M. This fall, their AW19 Conscious Collection will be celebrating its ten year anniversary.

The 10th-anniversary collection will highlight that sustainability does not need to mean the end of style. Monochrome sequins and navy statement pieces will feature as highlights of the range. These pieces will be made from TENCEL (recycled zinc), waste cotton, and recycled brass.

H&M designer Ella Soccorsi said of the new range: “The starting points for the AW19 Conscious Exclusive collection were mysterious masquerade balls that took place in the 1960s. We were thinking about dazzling, one-off events where the anticipation in the build-up only increases the pleasure.”

Ann-Sofie Johansson, creative advisor at H&M said in a separate statement: “It’s vital that H&M keeps pushing the boundaries of future-facing fashion, proving to the world that glamour and sustainability goes hand in hand.”

The AW19 Conscious Exclusive collection will be available here on September 26.