How Can You Get Rid of Milia?

Those tiny white spots that appear on your skin, look like whiteheads but are not, are actually called milia. They are just cysts that appear on the skin and are surprisingly common. Nothing to be afraid of, so many other people have them! Ladies get so frustrated when they can’t pop them and make them disappear. There are several ways to make milia go away and they are much easier and simpler than you think.

Start Exfoliating

If you start using light exfoliating products there will be less buildup made of dead skin cells. That means the product will be able to penetrate better and the white bumps will be gone faster. Stay away from harsh products that can damage your skin.

Lightweight Formula

These stubborn bumps tend to appear around the eyes where the skin is much thinner and we always use rich, thick products there. Switch to one that has a lightweight formula that will penetrate the skin faster without causing clogged pores or buildup.

Use Steam To Your Advantage

Opening the pores with steam can help you with this condition. There are small steamers you can buy online or go in the shower, it’s that simple.