Oil Washing May be the Best Solution For Oily Hair

It may sound strange, but oil washing may actually be the solution you’ve been looking for if you have oily hair. Oil washing is actually using facial oil cleanser on the scalp and it can be even more effective in delaying the next wash than dry shampoo. 

Oils have become a major hit among skincare enthusiasts. After exploring all the possible uses on face and body, girls started experimenting with oils for hair and found that the effects are surprisingly positive.

“Cleansing oil benefits the hair for a number of reasons,” Cibu stylist and educator Heather Comer told Byrdie. “Most shampoos contain strong surfactants, which strip your hair of its natural oils. Therefore, your scalp must work twice as hard to replace the oil that the shampoo removed; this could lead to a tighter scalp, which means a weaker strand.” 

Many oils have antibacterial properties and can regulate the production of excess oil on your scalp. In simple terms, using oil signals the scalp to stop producing its own oil, because there’s plenty of it. This will make your hair stay clean for a day or two longer than usual.