How to Fix an Itchy Sweater

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

When it’s cold outside, there’s no better feeling than throwing on a sweater to keep you warm and cozy. Unless, that is, your sweater happens to be itchy. The quality and type of fabric a sweater is made of can mean the difference between curling up in comfort and scratching at your poor skin all day long, but if you’ve got an itchy sweater, don’t rush to throw it away just yet—read on for some tips on how to make it more comfortable.

Soak & Wash

Soaking your sweater in a mixture of water and shampoo will help to soften the fibers without compromising the shape of the garment. Start by filling a bucket with lukewarm water and one to two tablespoons of baby shampoo, then place your sweater in the solution and agitate gently to ensure all of the fibers are saturated. Leave it to sit for about 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly or run it through a wash cycle to remove soap residue. 

Fabric Softener

While fabric softener is effective at taming unruly fibers, most fabric softeners work by leaving a film over material, which can reduce breathability and make clothing less comfortable over time. That said, if all else fails, try soaking your sweater in a sink or bucket filled with warm water with a capful of fabric softener for up to one hour. Rinse thoroughly, then gently squeeze out excess water and lay flat to dry.

Give it a Freeze

We know, putting your sweater in the freezer sounds odd, but hear us out. Like the cool setting on your hair dryer, the cold air works to make the fabric less itchy by smoothing down fibers that may stick out and cause irritation. Start by washing and drying your sweater, then place it inside a plastic bag in the freezer overnight. Take it out in the morning, and voila—comfy cozy.