What’s So Special About the New LuluLemon Yoga Pants?

Photo by Marco Tjokro on Unsplash

In the world of activewear, Lululemon has always been synonymous with innovation, comfort, and style. Since the introduction of its immensely popular Align pants, the brand has continued to push boundaries. Now, Lululemon is set to redefine comfort once again with its latest creation: Ultra Soft Nulu, featured in the brand’s new Wundermost collection.

The Align Legacy

Since 2015, Lululemon’s Align pants have remained a staple in the activewear market. Made from the soft and stretchy Nulu fabric, these pants have earned a dedicated following and set the standard for comfort and performance.

A Quest for Unprecedented Softness

With the introduction of Ultra Soft Nulu, Lululemon is raising the bar again. Patti Stapp, Lululemon’s VP of raw materials, led a team of engineers, designers, and material scientists in developing this new fabric. 

The Secret

The secret to Ultra Soft Nulu’s exceptional softness is in the innovative brushing techniques. These techniques create a fluffy texture on the fabric’s surface, enhancing the luxurious feel against the skin. Stapp and her team faced the challenge of achieving ultimate softness without compromising durability. But after extensive trial and error, they perfected a fabric that feels incredible both on the body and to the touch.