How to Successfully Wear a Beanie

Photo by Christopher Harris on Unsplash

Fall is already descending upon us. Really, how did summer go by so fast!? But even though school is starting and the weather is cooling down, good things are coming. Pumpkin spice everything, flannel shirts, and BEANIES.

Yes! It is beanie season! But you need to pay attention to how you wear your beanie. Different angles and styles means many options, and some may fit you more than others.

Full Or Half Forehead?

You can wear the beanie over most of your forehead, or have it stop at your hairline. if you have bangs, the second option is the best because the beanie won’t flatten them out. See the difference below.

The Heights

How far up should your beanie go? If you want to look like T.I. (or a dwarf from Snow White), you can pull up the beanie from the top after putting it on so it sticks up.

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We don’t always recommend this look because it can just be silly or look sloppy. Instead, pull the bottom of the beanie down towards your neck so it rounds up the top.

To Pom Or Not To Pom

Pom pom beanies are cute, but it depends on the size of the pom. Rule of thumb: the larger the pom, the more difficult it is to complement your outfit.