Ice Cream Inspired Makeup Collections With Strong Summer Vibes

Amazing things can happen when you mix two of your favorite things together, but what if those two things are makeup and ice cream? Some of the major beauty brands tried to come up with the answer to that question and gave us amazing makeup collections inspired by our favorite summer dessert.

EuniqueBeauty –  La Gelateria

The eyeshadow palette from this makeup collection isn’t only inspired by ice cream, but it’s also shaped like one. It features eight colorful shades, made with natural ingredients, such as lemon sorbet, pistachio, mango, and strawberry.

In addition to the signature palette, La Gelateria collection comes with another amazing product – messenger bag in four different colors.

ColourPop – Halo Top

Our favorite affordable cosmetics band is also no stranger to ice cream-themed collections. They created this one in collaboration with Halo Top Creamery, and it’s inspired by their most popular ice cream flavors.

The entire collection features four Super Shock duos. Each one offers an amazing mix of colors and sweet scents that matches their ice cream counterparts.