It’s Time to Embrace the Anti-Minimalist Movement

A few years back, the whole world went crazy for minimalism. The minimalistic trend spread over fashion, interior design, and many other areas of life and it seemed like the only acceptable way to look and live.

Though it has some advantages, it’s definitely not for everyone and you shouldn’t feel bad if you didn’t really want to embrace it when it was the top trend.

The times have changed and a new set of rules applies today. In 2019, there are more eclectic and maximalist brands than ever before. The new collections promote bright colors and the use of accessories that you can mix and match however you like.

One of the biggest supporters of maximalism is Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele. Michele’s approach challenges the aesthetic promoted by minimalists like Céline and it has an army of fans ready to wear any bright color and pattern Michele throws at them. Many high-end and high-street brands share this philosophy and offer colorful collections that look really amazing.

Be bold and wear whatever you want this summer, but always choose the items that make you feel great as that’s all that matters anyway.