Kylie Cosmetics Drops New Range of Eyebrow Products

After helping us shape our lips to perfection with her famous lip kits, Kylie Jenner is getting ready to bless our eyebrows.

Her latest beauty collection, titled Kybrow, will help you get perfectly filled-in brows you’ve been dreaming about after scrolling through her Insta feed.

The young billionaire announced this new beauty line the same way she usually does – by giving these new products a try and showing the world how to get perfectly filled-in brows just like hers.

Judging by the list of products Kylie launched this time around, it’s not such an easy task. A total of six new beauty items became available on her official website after Kybrow collection hit the shelves on April 29, and each of them serves a different purpose.

This eyebrow line comes with an extremely precise brow pencil, smudge-proof brow pomade in six shades, two velvety smooth brow powders, lightweight brow gel, brow highlighter with two different formulas, and brow brush.