Kylie Jenner Strikes Again with “Under the Sea” Collection

Kylie Jenner is an unstoppable force, and at this point in time, it seems like no month goes by without her dropping a brand-new makeup range. The young beauty mogul prepared something really special for hot summer days – her latest “Under the Sea” collection.

Jenner’s latest line is filled with summer essentials and it will help you achieve the most perfect makeup look. She shared a sneak peek in a series of Instagram posts and stories, before dropping the entire collection online on July 10th.

The “Under the Sea” range will feature a total of two lip glosses, three lipsticks, four cream shadows, one face gloss, and an eyeshadow palette. It provides a perfect mix between shimmering shades and more natural tones, leaving a lot of room for experiments.

Eyeshadow palette attracted more attention than any other product, and for a good reason. It features twelve shades with summer-inspired names, ranging from nude to a metallic turquoise, and it’s pretty much impossible to pick a favorite.