Lady Gaga Gives Insight Into What it Takes to Be a Popstar

Lady Gaga. Photo by Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock (9893990dz)

No one puts on a show quite like Lady Gaga; the singer belts her heart out, plays the piano passionately, and dances like there’s no tomorrow. Naturally, going all out to impress crowds like that night after night takes a toll on the body. So it’s no wonder that Gaga is very serious about her post-show recovery routine. 

Recently, the singer debuted her new makeup line called Haus Laboratories, and then promptly headed back to Las Vegas to resume her Enigma show. Upon which, she gave us all an inside look at her strict self-care regime. Gaga posted a story on her Instagram using a Gyrotonics machine (for balance and agility) in a dazzling silver dress and blue wig mid-show, mind you. Once the show ended, the star gave us a glimpse into the post-show recovery, sharing shots of herself in a “compression suit packed with ice packs for 20,” then “Ice bath for 5–10 [minutes], hot bath for 20,” all while still wearing her extravagant show attire. Apparently improving blood flow and reducing inflammation is too important for Gaga to wait for a change of clothes.