Lavender Gray Hair is a Trend You Have to Try

Experimenting with new hair colors is always a great idea. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a spring change, getting out of a bad breakup, or you feel like you’re color has become boring. This lavender gray hair trend will make everything better.

There are literally new popular dyes every month, so it becomes very hard to keep up. This one is becoming so popular because it combines two of the coolest shades when it comes to hairstyles. Both gray and lavender are so unique, you will definitely be a lady that stands out.

If you’ve been already struggling with gray hair this is the perfect chance to elevate them with a hint of purple. There are actually so many ways to do this coloring trend. You can opt for a statement root with lavender tones that gradually transitions to grey. Another way to go is the complete opposite and start with gray roots, finish off with purple. There is always the option to do lavender gray hair all over.

This season is great for changes, don’t think twice before going to the hairdresser. Whether you have long, short, straight, or curly hair, this trendy dye will do you so much good.