Lirika Matoshi’s Strawberry Dress Captured Our Hearts This Summer

Choosing a single dress worthy of the coveted title “the dress of the summer” has never been easy… until now. With no lavish red carpet and runaway events to set the rules, Lirika Matoshi’s strawberry dress took Instagram by storm and established itself as the most talked-about dress of the summer.

If you paid close attention to every celebrity attending this year’s Grammys, you probably noticed the model Tess Holiday in this dreamy dress. This, however, wasn’t the reason why this playful gown became so popular, and it only went viral amid lockdown.

The strawberry dress became a star of viral memes and fan art, and its popularity is pretty difficult to pinpoint. Some bought it because they just wanted something nice to wear at home, others felt it perfectly fits into cottagecore aesthetic, while influencers with deep pockets felt it’s much cheaper than the majority of other designer dresses.

If this midi dress made you fall in love with the glitzy strawberry print, you’ll be happy to hear there’s more where it came from. Lirika Matoshi also offers mini dress with puff shoulders, shirt, and face mask with similar strawberry embellishments.