Loafers Are Your Best Shoe Choice For Fall

Designers have been revealing their collections for fall and we are impatient for the season to finally come and for new trends to hit the stores. When it comes to shoes, one model stands out the most – comfy loafers that have become a fall staple over the last few years.

Black or in color, flat loafers are the perfect choice for everyday wear. They are elegant enough for office outfits and comfortable enough to enable you to walk all day. This is also their biggest selling point compared to classic, but uncomfortable black heels.

Loafers owe their popularity to brands like Gucci that included them in their collections around a decade ago. As the years went by, they made the transition from a high-fashion garment to a street-style staple and now come in many different colors, patterns, and styles.

If you’re unsure how to combine loafers this fall, scroll down to see our gallery. We looked for inspiration around the internet and found the best models for you to choose from. Do you have a favorite pair of loafers yet or are you about to go on a hunt before fall starts?