Make an Effortless Transition from Summer to Fall with Maxi Dresses

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When the mornings start getting crispier but the days are still warm, we have troubles coming up with perfect outfits for work and running errands. While your go-to September outfit may be jeans, a shirt, and a jacket, today we have another suggestion.

Isn’t it great when you get to wear your favorite summer maxi dress for a few more weeks in the fall? Shop strategically and you’ll get several amazing early fall outfits from your summer pieces! All you need to add is a lightweight jacket and a pair of booties or sneakers instead of sandals. See some inspirational outfits below and make your maxi dress fall outfits with the stuff you have!

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Rainbow Maxi Dress

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Today I’m talking how to bring ‘me’ time back into our life even when you’re stretched for time on the blog. I loved writing this post and I always seem to get much higher interaction rates when I post about self-care and lifestyle at the moment so I really hope you enjoy this one! I’d love it if you’d give it a read and share it around. As always the links in my bio. Love, Ella xxx (p.s. i apologise profusely for this terribly over-edited picture) #lookoftheday #instafashion #streetstyle #fashiondaily #ootdinstagram #ootd #fashionstyle #styleblogger #styleoftheday #outfitinspiration #outfitinspo #outfitpost #lovethislook #fashiongram #styleinspo #aboutalook #streetstyleluxe #fashionista #igstyle #summerfashion #fallhair #wiwtoday #autumn #londonblogger #bloggeroutfit #falloutfit

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One of my favorite autumn trends this year is the velvet pleated skirt. 🍂 This is how I made my own. 1. Find a suitable pieces of fabric that you want to make into a skirt. Fold it in half lengthwise and cut along the fold. Attach the sides to one another with a straight seam and then a zigzag so the fabric won't fray. 2. Next sew along the waistline with the "long stitch" setting. Don't secure the beginning or end of the seam because you want to be able to pull the string. 3. Pull the back string to make wrinkles in the fabric. This will help to enhance the folds in the skirt. Spread them out evenly around the waist line. 4. Measure the elastic band by putting it around your waist. Sew the ends together the same way as you did with the fabric. ( Straight & zigzag) 5. Fold the seam allowance to one side and sew a seam on top of it. It will make the elastic band stronger. 6. Use Pins as markers to divide the elastic band into four equal parts. You can easily do this by flattening the band and placing a pin at each end, then fold the band in half and place two more markers, one at each fold. Do the same on the waist line of your fabric. The more markers you have the more helpful they will be. 7. Once you have all your markers in place, use the pins to attach the elastic band to the corresponding markers on the fabric. The fabric will be looser than the elastic at first. 8. Stretch out the elastic band so it's the same length as the fabric while sewing them together. You may need to sew a second seam beside the first one to make the waistband more stable. 9. Once the waistline is complete, you can choose the length of the skirt. Place a pin at your ideal length and be sure to measure the same length all the way around the skirt. Cut, fold and hem a seam. Then you're done! #sew #diy #velvet #skirt #velvetskirt #autumn #trend #fallfashion #falloutfit #autumnfashion #sewing #pleatedskirt

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