3 Lessons About Matching Outfits We Learned From Chloe x Halle

Wearing matching outfits with your BFF is one of those trends that is never going away. Some find it cute, others think it’s annoying, but if you take a page from Chloe x Halle Bailey’s book – you might actually do it right.

Different Colors

The R&B duo shares the stage together, so they often have to wear similar outfits for the aesthetics, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to look the same every time. It’s not unusual to spot them wearing similar dresses in different colors.

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‪felt like seashells yesterday lol 🐚‬

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Tiny Details

Wearing the same clothes isn’t the only way to have a matching style with your friend. You can also highlight tiny details and this look from Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party is the perfect example. The two sisters wore completely different dresses, but still opted for matching tops and heels.

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versace versace versace ✨✨

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Do Your Thing

Chloe and Halle often wear clothes by the same designer that look completely different. Picking the pieces they’re going to wear is probably the most fun part, and that’s what you should remember when shopping with your friend for a matching outfit.