Meet the Costume Designer Behind Lady Gaga’s “Stupid Love” Looks

Lady Gaga never shies away from elaborate and colorful outfits and she found the perfect partner in crime in Laurel DeWitt. The visionary costume designer was in charge of creating futuristic looks in her comeback video “Stupid Love,” but this wasn’t her first high-profile collaboration.

DeWitt previously worked with Shakira, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and many more A-list pop stars, but she and Lady Gaga proved to be a match made in heaven because the Mother Monster had a very clear vision for her new video.

“Gaga is an artist who isn’t scared to step out the box and is constantly evolving. I think she wanted to take on the future of fashion, literally and figuratively. I’m just happy I could be a small part of it,” DeWitt told Hollywood Life.

Gaga’s video for “Stupid Love” takes place in the fictional world of Chromatica, and it shows the singer rocking several pink metal outfits. DeWitt revealed that Gaga had a pretty hands-on approach to the design process, and she knew exactly what she wants even before DeWitt came on board.