Middle Eastern Designers Behind the Most Stunning Wedding Dresses

Whether you’re a future bride or just like to browse wedding dresses for fun, we’re sure you will love the work of these Middle Eastern designers. These are seriously some of the most stunning wedding dresses we’ve ever seen so sit back and enjoy the gallery.

Saiid Kobeisy

“With cascading silhouettes, dynamic cuts and elegant handcrafted touches, Saiid Kobeisy gives expression to every facet of the modern-day woman, from her fearless ambition and passion to her riveting charm and strength,” his website reads.

Reem Acra

“Reem Acra is a renowned international designer known for her breathtaking collections in Ready-to-Wear and Bridal. She combines tradition with a modern aesthetic and leads the way by continuously redefining the boundaries of fashion,” we read on her website.

Rami Al Ali

“Born in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, Rami Al Ali’s love of refined aesthetics began at an early age,” we learn on his website. “Being the only boy of five children, Al Ali took an early interest in style and fashion, with his curiosity of the arts eventually leading him to Syria’s capital city, Damascus, where In 1991, Al Ali joined the College of Fine Arts to study Visual Communications. Inspired by the institute’s freedom of expression, Al Ali’s decision to design and produce a fashion show for his final graduation project astounded his professors, who were impressed at his portrayal of fine arts through fashion.”