MONSE Celebrates New Collection With Pet-Friendly Campaign

If you thought dogs don’t belong in the world of fashion – think again. MONSE recently dropped their new collection and it features the most adorable models we’ve ever seen!

This fashion house came up with a perfect idea to mix their love for animals and fashion – partnering with six different animal shelters around New York City. They’re hoping this campaign will promote fostering and adoption of rescue dogs.

“Thousands of dogs in the NYC area are in desperate need of loving homes, and MONSE is thrilled to use the Pre-Fall collection as an opportunity to support these charities and bridge our love of animals with fashion,” read the statement from MONSE.

Surprisingly enough, that’s not even the best part. Certain pieces from the brand’s latest Disney collaboration will directly benefit the dogs featured in the campaign. The gross proceeds from their sale will be equally distributed among each of the six shelters MONSE partnered with.

This collection should hit the shops in May, but some of the pieces are already available for purchase on their website.