Neon Makeup Is The Most Vibrant Trend For 2019

Neon makeup is officially the only trend you need to know until the end of summer. It’s a full range of very impactful hues you should not be afraid of. Check out the looks below to figure out the best ways to implement neon in your makeup.

Neon Feline Flick

Getting creative with the eyeliner is one of the simplest and most effective ways to upgrade your makeup. This season, get ready to try all the neon shades you can think of. Simply choose a color that really fits your personality, starting with yellow, green, pink, orange and more.

Inner Corner

If neon makeup is not really your thing we have the best idea. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a pop of these hues and you can test it out. If you end up liking it, maybe you’ll upgrade the whole lid next.


Another fabulous way to experiment with these fierce tones is to add them as an underliner. Doing the whole lid is not for everyone, thankfully there are other sneaky but gorgeous ways to do it.

Full Lid

If you are brave in your makeup choices, you should definitely try a whole lid of neon tones.