New Balance’s Swarovski Crystal Sneakers Are Wonderfully Shiny

Image via sneakernarcos/Instagram

US ladies usually have a problem when it comes to picking the right sneakers. Not every occasion is for a sporty look, but even more, occasions are not fit for an overly classy look. It’s incredibly difficult to find the middle ground.

In that quest to find balance, New Balance (yes, the pun was very intended) found the right solution in this collaboration with Swarovski.

All at once

New Balance is a cult brand that specializes in making shoes that can both work during a stroll around the neighborhood, as well as with a slightly more casual tuxedo.

They’re also famous for thinking of their female fans and they have proven so once again. These suede shoes are a limited-edition offer, with the signature N on the sides being totally bathed in Swarovski crystals.

Take the chance

You should hurry because these are very limited and retail at $300. Even though this might seem like a lot and it objectively is, but a shoe with Swarovski crystals is worth much more than this.

If you want to dazzle and shine whenever you go, you have the ideal shoes for your endeavors. Get them now!