Nightmare Before Christmas x Vans is About to Drop

Vans have announced that they have teamed up with Disney to offer a limited edition Nightmare Before Christmas x Vans range.

The footwear giants have collaborated with Marvel and Harry Potter in the past to create sneakers that feature our favorite cinematic characters. Now, they are teaming up with Disney for a nightmarish Halloween range that features the iconic characters of Zero, Evil Brat 3, Sally, and Jack Skellington. You can expect quirky graphics and spooky psychedelics.

“Step into a world of imagination with the new The Nightmare Before Christmas x Vans collection, arriving this weekend.,” the brand wrote on Instagram.

When one user asked how the collection would be sticking around for, Vans replied: “As long as the stock sticks around — this collection is limited edition, so once they’re gone, they really are gone.”

There has been no official release date yet but they are expected to drop October 4th. Prices start at around $70.