Nordic White Hair is the New Platinum

Another season, another hair color trend.

It seems that everyone is obsessed with a new shade that is brighter than anything you’ve seen before. If you loved platinum, you have to check out the Nordic white hair that is absolutely captivating.

It is time to try the icy Scandinavian-inspired dye for the warm spring and summer days. But, get ready to go through a long process before achieving the super-light hue. Just like platinum, Nordic white hair requires not only bleaching and coloring but also very intense care afterward.

Don’t let this discourage you in getting it though. If you are one of those fashionistas who always want to follow the latest trends, you’ll make it work. It is ideal for ladies who already have light hair such as blonde, platinum, or any other shade that is not dark. The ones with dark should think of a gradual process, and go step by step.

The aftercare is even more important than coloring. This is a color that can easily be influenced. You want to get a purple shampoo and use it regularly to prevent a brassy finish. Also, schedule regular touchups to take care of the fast growing roots.