Pastel Dresses Are a Romantic Spring Trend You Can’t Ignore

Along with spring, a new season has started in our closets. Once again, pastels are the biggest hit of spring trends and it’s time to see how we will wear them this year.

Pastel dresses are romantic and feminine, not to mention easy to put on and get out of the house in five minutes. They can be combined with neutrals, brights, or dark shades for a variety of looks. If you choose yellow, coral, blue, or green pastel tones for this spring, know that you’re on top of the latest trends!

You can’t go wrong whether you prefer short, midi, or maxi dresses. For easier styling, go with solid colors, but if you want something truly special, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and materials.

Scroll down for some inspirational photos we picked for you.