Rainbow Nails: a Vibrant Instagram Trend You Should Try This Spring

New season is bringing us dozens of amazing nail trends that will bring some color into your life, and rainbow nails are the very best. They’re currently overtaking our Instagram feeds, and we honestly never want them to stop.

Opting for rainbow nails basically means you’ll have a different color on each of your nails. It’s a colorful, vibrant and playful option, that’s extremely easy to pull off without spending more money and time than you’d like.

You don’t even have to visit your nail artist to rock the perfect rainbow nails. Just a grab a couple of your favorite nail polishes, and get to work! You can even do it with your friends, if you enjoy having adorable matching nails.

You can always get creative with this celeb-approved look and not limit yourself to the most simplified version. Mix things up by combining it with other popular styles, and experimenting with different colors. Options are pretty much limitless, but whichever one you choose – you’ll end up with eye-catching and vibrant nails.

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