Say Hello to high-waisted pants this Spring

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Whew! The relief is real. After last summer’s horror scare over the return of low-rider jeans, it seems that designers have had a rethink and now decree that high-waisted pants are back.

No more ‘muffin top’ look with all your belly flesh squashed upwards by low-rise jeans. Now we no longer need six-packs to wear a pair of jeans comfortably.

Let’s hope that designers don’t change their minds again because we do not, repeat, do not want to go back to lowriders.

Of course, the high-waisted pants of this season are a little bit different from those of the past. The most common way of wearing them is in what’s called the paper bag waist look. This involves tying a rope-like belt around the waist, with the top of the pants sticking out above the belt.

Think Mary-Kate Olsen circa 2007. Another way of rocking them is to create the illusion of lengthening the top with something like Alexander Wang’s leather corsets, or Balmain’s spandex offerings.

If you want to try the high-waisted pants look, but don’t like wide-legged pants that sweep the floor, try the high-waisted Capri for a fun alternative.