She Glam Launches Makeup Line Inspired By “Rick & Morty”

Makeup collections inspired by iconic cartoons have been trending this spring, and She Glam welcomed this craze with open arms. Their latest makeup line with take you on a cosmic adventure with the heroes of the hit animated series Rick and Morty.

She Glam became a huge hit with Gen-Z in recent years thanks to its affordable prices, high-quality formulas, cutting-edge designs, and commitment to embracing cruelty-free practices. We’ve seen them launch many pop-culture-themed collections in recent months, inspired by Harry Potter, Willy Wonka, and Care Bears, and their latest pays homage to everyone’s favorite sci-fi cartoon.

If you love makeup and Rick and Morty equally, She Glam is inviting you to embark on an epic interdimensional adventure in The Space Cruiser. Their new line looks straight out of the Rick and Morty universe and offers a wide range of products inspired by your favorite characters.

“The Meaning (Lessness) of Life” palette is the collection’s signature product and it features 12 bright matte and sparkly shades that will bring the vibrant colors of the multiverse to your makeup looks.

You’ll also find five lip glosses, cream blush, setting powder, and setting spray in this quirky collection, along with several makeup tools, including a beauty sponge and hand mirror.