Shopping for Jeans? Stop Doing These Things!

Photo by lan deng on Unsplash

Shopping for jeans is so difficult, isn’t it? While today we probably have more choices than at any point in history, it’s still not easy to find that perfect model that fits you just right and goes well with many of the tops you own. But as much as dreading jeans shopping is a universal thing, it’s possible you’re making some mistakes that make it even harder.

Forget About Trends

If you’re changing your jeans preferences as seasonal trends change, you’ll never get out of that vicious cycle when you try and try models without finding the right one. Once you find the perfect pair of jeans for you, ignore everything else that’s on the market, especially trends that come and go on a monthly basis.

Consider Body Changes

If you’re in your 30s, you may not be able to pull off the same model you wore in high school and that’s okay. Your body changes and there’s probably a better type of jeans for you now.

Splurge on Quality

The most important thing about jeans ends up being the quality of the denim, so this is not the place to save money. Splurging on a great pair of jeans will allow you to wear them many times, giving you a great cost-per-wear.