Should You Organize Your Closet By Color?

Photo by piotr szulawski on Unsplash

Does the idea of a perfectly organized, visually appealing closet sound like a dream? Sorting your clothes by color might just be the solution you need. Before you jump in, let’s explore the pros and cons to see if this method is the right fit for your closet.

The Pros

Organizing by color not only looks pleasing but can also make your closet feel more tranquil and orderly. Additionally, If you have a good sense of which colors work best for you, color coordination can streamline your decision-making process. When you’re in a rush, this system allows you to quickly grab items that match or contrast beautifully without rummaging through piles of clothing.

The Drawbacks

On the other hand, organizing solely by color can ignore other factors such as seasonality, function, or fabric type. For instance, you might end up with heavy coats next to summer dresses if they share a color scheme, which isn’t practical for quick outfit decisions based on weather or occasion. 

Combine Methods

You don’t have to commit entirely to one method. Many people find success by combining color coordination with other organizational systems. For instance, you might organize clothing first by type (pants, shirts, dresses) and then by color within each category.