Sola Look Cosmetics Presents New “Charmed” Collection

Sola Look Cosmetics has been surprising us with nostalgic pop-culture-themed makeup collections for some time, and their latest might just be their very best yet. The brand’s new line pays homage to everyone’s favorite fantasy show from the late ‘90s—Charmed!

Sola Look’s Forever Charmed palette is available for pre-order starting March 28th and fans of this show have been going crazy ever since this beauty brand announced it. The palette itself is shaped like triquetra, a symbol that represents the Power of Three on this show.

The entire palette features a total of twelve matte, satin and sparkly eyeshadows, bronzers and highlighters, mostly named after our favorite Charmed characters, including all of the Halliwell sister.

“Sola Look is excited to present the Charmed palette, a collectors edition makeup palette inspired by the supernatural sisters… Whether you’re a Prue or a Belthazor, we are sure that you’ll find your favorite shadow in this palette,” reads the description on the brand’s official website.